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Filmax anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, carbonates preventic product. 1 liter tank

Filmax anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, carbonates preventic product. 1 liter tank
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This is a product preventing carbonates to adhere and protecting from oxidation and corrosion, by forming a protective molecular film on thermal systems walls and eliminating thermal and gas shocks due to the assembling of different metals. It is compatible with ordinary antifreezing products.

Use at least 1 or 2 liters of product in 100 liters of running liquid. Quantities change according to the variety of metals composing the system and depend on the water hardness and purity (which is to say, on the absence of corrosive ions), as well as on the working temperature. The higher the temperature is, the greater quantity will be needed. Add FILMAX+Thermakil to water to be treated, pouring it in a regular and continuous way by using a volumetric proportioning pump. Carry out drainages on a daily regular basis, according to the instructions for use.


Aspetto: stato fisico e colore:Liquido, azzurro leggermente opalescente
Odore:Lieve, caratteristico
pH sul tal quale:9,50
pH soluzione :all’1 % 8,50
ORP (Potenziale redox) :-30 mV
EC (Conducibilità Elettrica):> 4.000 µS
TDS (Solidi totali disciolti):> 2.000 mg/lt
Punto/intervallo di ebollizione :Sup. a 100°C
Punto di infiammabilità (c.c.) :Non infiammabile
Densità @ temperatura ambiente:1,049 ± 0,001 g/ml
Solubilità in acqua :Completa

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  • 31.05.2015  

    Velocissimo perfetto!!Grazie mille!

  • 25.01.2013  


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