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Antinex+Thermakil, sludge and limestone dissolver + biocide for thermal plants.

Antinex+Thermakil, sludge and limestone dissolver + biocide for thermal plants.
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Sludge and limestone dissolver + biocide for thermal plants.
Anticorrosive product adequate to any kind of plant whether it's made of
multiple metals or plastic materials.
ANTINEX + THERMAKIL keeps limestone and other particles in suspension.
It doesn't contain hazardous chromate substances, as prescribed by law.
The product also contains a biocide capable of stopping, or at least contain the
spread of aglae and other microorganisms inside the plant.

Empty the plant from the flowing mixture and measure the water level to ensure the correct dilution.
Insert Antinex+Thermakil up to a concentration of 2-3% of the entire mixture.
Keep the boiler fully operational for 15-20 days and protect it with a WL-BOX filter - with a WL-CART-FA HOT cartridge.
If the boiler is absent or, for any reason, can't be used to push the product around the system, then a DISIFLUX pump can be used instead.
In this case a 3-4% concentration is advised and the pump should be active only for 6-8 hours.
The next step is to complitely remove the mixture from the system and have water (or water+Ferronex at 2% concentration, in case of previous oxidations) run throught the system to wash it.
Finally, empty the system and insert the definitive mixture adding FILMAX+THERMAKIL and if necessary ATIGEL (to prevent freezing)..


Aspetto liquido:Paglierino
Odore:Praticamente inodore
pH:10,5 ± 0,5
Punto/intervallo di ebollizione:> 100 °C
Punto di infiammabilità:Non infiammabile
Densità relativa:1,115 ± 0,020 g/cm³
Solubilità in acqua:totale


  • 13.12.2012  

    perfetto!!!ottimo venditore

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